Only the finest European espresso machines

Enjoy a range of premium espresso bean blends

Finance options to suit your business needs


With KREMA all it takes is one call. We have the office coffee solutions you need, the quality service you deserve.

We’ve integrated the entire process from system design and machine supply, through to installation and maintenance. Our responsive bean ordering system automatically replenishes your stock, while our lifetime scheduled maintenance for your machines reduces the need for costly service calls.

With this end-to-end service, you’ll spend less time worrying about the details, and more time taking care of business. More than just providing top-of-the-line espresso machines, we want to be a leader in superior service and customer experience. We’re about bringing the ultimate corporate coffee solutions to the most discerning clients. And it shows.


Lifetime Servicing for All Machines

With KREMA the inconvenience of being without coffee is a thing of the past. Because we include lifetime servicing for all your machines. This maintenance program keeps your machines in optimum operating condition.

At Krema, we use only the best European espresso machines backed up by experts in the design and implementation of corporate espresso systems. This ensures exceptional performance and reliability, with minimal risk of failure.

And in the unlikely event you experience a machine failure, we guarantee to have you up and running again within 24 hours.


Automatic Ordering System for Ease

Maintaining the optimal supply of fresh coffee beans at the workplace is simple with the KREMA Bean system. To complement the quality of our espresso blends, we offer an ordering system that automatically replenishes your stock. This allows the continuous supply of coffee beans for you and the workforce.

As a premium office coffee supplier and with our automatic order system, we know what you need. It means no more annoying coffee shortages, minimal interruptions. And none of your time wasted calculating and placing an order. In the grand scheme, our service is about delivering a genuine return on your investment.


Outstanding Performance and Exceptional Reliability

Krema offers only the finest European espresso machines to corporations nationwide. Our selection of machines – from the 700 series to the 100 series – is complete with hi-tech design and award-winning performance. We go beyond simply leasing or selling coffee machines; we provide solutions. Our experience in vending machine technology not only serves to ensure the quality of our appliances, but also the safety of all our customers. Choose Krema, and experience a new standard in office coffee solutions.


Corporate Coffee Solutions Available Nationwide

Krema operates throughout Australia and New Zealand, including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Auckland. We have finance options to suit your business needs. The Krema plan includes system design, installation, servicing and bean supply. It’s all taken care of. Leave everything to us so you can focus on your important things.