Eliqua - Your new year's resolution with water

Forget about giving up your daily cake indulgence or signing up to a gym membership for your 2022 New Year’s Resolution.

Consider committing to a new year’s resolution which is not only achievable but good for you – and that is ramping up your water intake, especially in the office.

Making that pledge to drink more water will become an important part in your maintaining a healthy lifestyle at work and at home.

But how do you stick to your goal in keeping up a sound water consumption routine in the office?

Here are some simple pointers from Eliqua:

· Always choose water over sugar-sweetened drinks such as soft drinks

· Have a refillable water bottle on hand at the office for an easy fill up at the Eliqua water station

· When you have a meeting or workshop, set up lots of water jugs for your colleagues to have access to

· With each meal you have, make sure you have water on hand

· Mix up your water consumption with sparkling – with Eliqua of course!

· Consider adding lemon, berries or cucumber to your water for that zest of flavour

By infusing water into your daily working routine, you will revitalised, energised and focussed.

Let Eliqua show you how.


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