Eliqua water systems
    Sparkling fresh water dispensers anywhere in the office?
    Clever you

    No more costly installs
    or ugly water bubblers

    Forget expensive, under bench kitchen units or ugly free standing bubblers. Borg&Overström free standing water units can be installed just about anywhere in under an hour. They look great and deliver filtered still or sparkling water direct from your mains supply.  Perfect for the office, foyer or board room. 

    As a special introductory offer you can trial a B&O B4 unit FREE FOR 2 WEEKS. To apply submit a request below or call an Eliqua sales representative on 1300 999 669.

    Borg&Overstrom B4 FreeStanding Water Dispenser
    Borg&Overstrom B4 Water Dispenser


    Stunning machines utilising the latest technology

    Sleek & attractive
    blends well modern office design
    Tall dispense height
    enabling bottle and jug filling
    Touchless options
    dispense water hands free
    3 water options
     sparkling, chilled or ambient
    Fits anywhere
    on-bench or freestanding 

    Dispense fresh, filtered water hands free

    Using Bluetooth® technology, the app enables users to dispense water hands-free. This makes it ideal for use in high footfall locations such as offices. It’s not only functional but gives staff peace of mind that their drinking water is as safe as it is refreshing.

    Social distancing made easier

    With free standing water units placed in convenient spots around your office there is no more need for people to huddle in kitchen areas waiting to fill up water bottles. 

    Borg&Overstrom B4 Water Dispenser


    Luxurious fresh sparkling water

    delivered simply and easily

    No expensive installation

    One preset monthly fee

    Combine water with espresso
    and save up to 10% p.a.

    Touchless machines

    Watermark accredited

    No bottle replacements
    (like a bubbler unit requires)


    The Watermark© certification indicates Borg&Overström are plumbing and drainage certified by the Australian Building Codes Board.

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