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"Industry-leading coffee and customer service by Krema"

Introducing the Energy and Water Ombudsman, who is the latest Australian organisation to join forces with Krema, in supplying premium coffee and customer service to their team in Melbourne.


Krema recently spoke to Toni Warren, Executive Assistant/Administration & Facilities Coordinator Energy and Water Ombudsman, who shared their recent Krema journey and how the simple coffee can be so important in energising and connecting colleagues at work.


According to Toni, while the Energy and Water Ombudsman had a coffee provider in the past, gaps in customer service proved to be the catalyst for them to seek another coffee provider which was able to provide a more consistent and enhanced coffee service to their employees.


“We wanted to give our staff café-quality coffee, coupled with great customer service and be Melbourne-based. We often felt with our previous coffee provider that we weren’t important to them, often leaving us without a coffee machine. It was time to make a change. And the answer was Krema.


“We did lots of research to find the company we thought would suit our organisation and our needs best. We immediately knew that Krema would be the right fit for us.” Toni added.

Krema hit the ground running with the Energy and Water Ombudsman with great communication, exceptional coffee, fabulous customer service and affordable options.


“Moving away from a large, international, company to a company with a Melbourne office and the ability to build a good relationship with our Account Manager and the rest of the Krema team was what set Krema apart from the pack.


“From the outset, we certainly have appreciated the quick responses to the few issues we have with the coffee machines and the technicians are very good (and patient) at talking me through the problem solving over the phone.


For the staff, Krema ticked all the boxes in what they needed with great coffee and reliable machines to deliver that coffee en masse every day.


“The machines are quick and easy to use, easy to clean at the end of the day and everyone loves the coffee. The coffee machines are the equivalent of the “office water cooler” where it’s where we gather for a chat and maintain our relationships with our friends and colleagues in the office while getting our caffeine fix.”