100 SERIES: Commercial Coffee Machines

The 100 Series is the quintessential, ‘classic’ choice for the purist who seeks full manual control over the espresso process. While it’s fit for commercial applications, the traditional design and functionality of the espresso coffee machine makes it a perfect addition to your office.

Features and Benefits of 100 Series:

  • Compatible with commercial grinding mill
  • Available in 1, 2 or 3 group configurations
  • Programmable settings
  • Available in personalised finish or range of standard colours
  • Volumetric coffee control
  • Dual boilers optimising espresso brewing and steam production
  • Cup warmer
  • H570mm x W730mm x D510mm

If there’s anything that works as hard as your employee, it’s no doubt the coffee machine. The Series 100 gives your workforce the coffee they want, while Krema provides the end-to-end service to keep that fuel running.

Experience New Standards in Business Espresso Systems

We know you demand the best. Krema was born out of a need to deliver high-quality espresso systems to the corporate sector with an all-inclusive service. Our focus is to satisfy the expectations of clients to whom quality is paramount. And it shows. Not just in our commercial espresso coffee machines, but in all aspects of what we do. System design, installation, servicing, supply. We provide excellence at every turn.

Delicious, Rich Coffee with Just a Push of a Button

Our passion for all things coffee, combined with a wide industry experience, means we know what it takes to make the perfect cup. We offer a range of espresso blends that are sure to satisfy the most discerning of tastes.

Speak to A KREMA Consultant

With the office becoming the new coffee shop, there’s no better time to lease a commercial coffee machine for your workforce. While buying pays off over time, leasing or renting presents a number of benefits: better management of cash flow, tax deduction advantage, capital costs spread over a longer period, and lifetime scheduled servicing.

Talk to a Krema consultant about our commercial coffee machine lease or to decide the finance method best suited to your business.