Only the finest European espresso machines.

Outstanding performance and legendary reliability.

Available for both lease and sale, our selection of office coffee machines ensures that cafe-quality coffee is always within reach.

Coffee Machines for Offices

Your coffee break deserves the best coffee. Our range of workplace coffee machines boasts outstanding quality and unmatched performance, so your staff never run out of top-quality coffee. Just fill the machines with our coffee beans and say good-bye to mediocre brews. Whether in the kitchen or reception, our machines are true office superstars – just like your team.

Why Lease or Buy Coffee Machines for the Office?

Gone are the days of instant coffee. The coffee shop revolution is here, and it has made its presence known in the corporate workplace. Leasing or buying coffee machines has its advantages, depending on the needs of your business. As your office coffee machine rental provider, we can advise you which route reaps the greatest rewards.

commercial coffee machine

100 Series

Made with a classic design, the 100 series is a traditional cafe commercial machine for the purist who wants full manual control over the espresso process. With programmable settings and volumetric coffee control, the 100 series espresso adds a touch of ease to the brewing and steam production.

smaller capacity coffee machine

200 Series

The 200 Series is a smaller-capacity espresso machine that makes it a perfect match for boutique environments. It’s everything you need to make a memorable espresso, boasting the best quality and flavour. Selections include espresso, cappuccino and long black.

espresso machine for lease

400 Series

The award-winning 400 Series comes with a heavy-duty design and a touch screen operation for a premium experience. It has Connect Me on-line monitoring and automated cleaning cycle for your peace of mind. Selections include espresso, cafe latte, cappuccino, macchiato, long black, tea and hot chocolate.

multi-functional coffee machine for hire

600 Series

The elegant, multi-functional high-tech 600 series comes with a direct selection and push button operation, making it perfect for corporate offices. Features include a four-line display panel and a horizontal stainless steel brewer. As with all the other series, it fulfils the highest expectations in flavour and design. Selections include espresso, cafe latte, cappuccino, macchiato, long black, tea and hot chocolate.

German espresso coffee machine

700 Series

The 700 Series is a thing of beauty, as are all our espresso machines. It’s made with German engineering to successfully capture the secrets of a barista machine. The result: the finest espresso a machine can provide. Selections include espresso, cappuccino, cafe latte, macchiato, long back, tea and hot chocolate.