Financing Options for Your Business

Krema aims to deliver best solutions for your office’s coffee needs. To ensure you make the right choice for your business, we are here to help.

KREMA financing options include:


With Krema’s unique rental option, you can have total peace of mind that we will look after the service and maintenance along with replenishment supplies on your behalf.

Pay per cup

The pay per cup is a quite straightforward options with all costs – machine, service and coffee – are included in the cost per cup.

Outright purchase

The option if you wish to own your own machine. Payment will be in one lump sum and you will be the sole owner of the equipment.


Your initial outlay and expenditure is less if you choose to lease. This option offers you the flexibility to upgrade your machine to a newer, more advanced model should your demands change over time.

Talk to your KREMA consultant to decide the finance method best suited to your business.

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