Espresso Bean Blends

A coffee break deserves the best coffee. KREMA offers a range of espresso blends that are sure to satisfy the most discerning of tastes. Our love for all things coffee, combined with a commitment to premium quality beans, means we know what it takes to make the perfect cup.

Our range of premium espresso bean blends goes with an automatic ordering system that tells us what you need and when. It means a continuous supply of fresh coffee beans and no more disruptive coffee shortages for you and your staff. At Krema, it’s great-tasting coffee and first-class service in one.

Choose from our full bodied Signature Blend, a decadent chocolate noted Arabica Blend, a richly fragrant and strong Italian Blend, or Fairtrade. Not only coffee, our premium hot chocolate mix is certain to please.


As espresso a honey-like syrup sweetness is present coupled with rich acidity making it beautifully balanced in the cup. Grown in Brazil & Nicaragua, this high-grade coffee is full bodied, pleasantly dry on the palate and reminiscent of walnuts with a hint of almond.


An ultra-smooth 100% Arabica espresso with rich notes of smoked almond & caramel. Finishing with cacao on the palate. This medium bodied blend is low to medium in acidity and has been expertly roasted light to medium.


A strong full bodied blend, rich in quality. Chocolate & almond notes with a heady light fruit aroma.


Roasted light to Medium with floral notes, this coffee is pleasing on the palate. This is a truly exquisite roast sourced from accredited Fairtrade regions.


After soft aromas of spiced caramel, the espresso delivers a burst of sparkling grape-fruit like zest. This quickly succumbs to sweet floral tones, with a finish that is buttery yet vibrant. With silky milk, these piquant flavours meld together to provide polished notes of milk chocolate and spice.


Intriguing aromas of earth and malt are a fine introduction to an espresso that is rich and balanced. The creamy mouth-feel enhances flavours of delicate chocolate and distinct hazelnut, leaving a lingering aftertaste of red berry.

We have combined four estate single origins from central America, India and Papua New Guinea to achieve the rich, full flavour.