Krema is about great-tasting coffee and first-class service. Beyond leasing and selling coffee machines, we aim to bring a premium experience to any corporate office in Australia and New Zealand, where quality is paramount.

Our commitment to excellence not only serves to ensure the superiority of our products and service. It offers real value to clients by creating an enjoyable, productive, undisrupted office environment. System design, installation, servicing and bean supply. It’s all taken care of so you can focus on business.

Choosing Krema, you will experience a new standard in office coffee solutions – where expectations are met, and the coffee is at its finest.

Business class is about giving you the finest service with the least interruption. We aim to deliver a genuine return on your investment (ROI), minimal risk, and, with our delicious coffee, improve your brand equity.

Genuine ROI


  • Our end-to-end service saves you time. We manage the system design, machine supply and the entire installation process.
  • You get lifetime scheduled maintenance for all of your machines, reducing the need for costly service calls.
  • Our responsive bean ordering system automatically replenishes your stock.
  • With freshly ground, quality coffee onsite your staff will be more productive.


Minimal Risk

  • We use only the best European espresso machines ensuring performance and reliability.
  • Responsive ordering eliminates bean shortages or over supply.
  • Our lifetime maintenance program keeps your machines in peak operating condition.


Brand Equity

  • The ability to provide a high quality espresso to clients and employees reflects very favourably on your business.
  • Greater employee satisfaction improves your employer brand.

Let’s change the way you take your coffee. Contact one of our consultants today.